As God's Word speaks to us through the scriptures, God speaks to the gathered through the proclamation of scripture by the Lector.  By proclaiming the scriptures in the liturgical assembly, the lector brings to birth the living Word of God and reminds us that God's Word is alive here and now.  By leading the Prayer of the Faithful (General Intercessions), the minister connects us to both the local and global communities and to pray for those in need.  Current Lector's schedule is listed below.

Contact: Paul Carson/Dawn Munday at 519-663-9829 or



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WeekDAY Reader's Schedule - July – August – September 2016

WeekDAY Reader's Schedule 12:05 Mass - July-September 2016

WeekDAY Readings - July – August – September 2016

WeekEND Readers Schedule - July-September 2016