Catholic Women's League


As St. Patrick’s Parish Community prepares to celebrate 100 years of providing a place of worship and fellowship to the Catholics living in East London, The Catholic Women’s League is celebrating 70 years of service to God and Canada here at St. Patrick’s.  The CWL is “a National organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God”.  Throughout our 70 years in this community our members have enhanced the spiritual and everyday life, not only of our members, but the world around us.  Locally we support many charitable works such as Women’s Community House, Birthright London, Right to Life, Mental Health, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Children’s Aid Society.

These are just a few of the organizations we have supported over the years.  We also provide comfort to bereaved families by volunteering for the choir, providing lunch after a funeral, an Honour Guard, if the deceased is a member of the CWL, and most importantly we offer prayers.  Our members work in missions both at home and abroad.  The National CWL was founded in 1920 to unite all the women’s groups working to support women and their families.

“Spiritual growth is the very heart of the League and the essence of its existence. … The spiritual dimension sets the League apart from all other women’s organizations.” (Executive Handbook SD-27)

To know that you are a member of a group that shares the same spiritual values and helps to build on this to make your faith come alive is a great comfort to our members.  Some members contribute to the League through actions and many more are able to contribute through their prayerful support.

Our patroness is our Blessed  Mother under the title of our Lady of Good Counsel. Through her intercessions we are able to promote change for the betterment of all Canadians.  For example, this year at the National Convention held in Edmonton our voice, representing 92,000 members across Canada, was heard by the federal government regarding its commitment to the global community through the 2008 Official Development Assistance Accountability Act that legislated aid considerations be driven by poverty rather than by trade.  Our country has fallen short of this commitment and the CWL has requested the government’s detailed plan to fulfill that commitment.

This is just a brief snapshot of the varied work we do as the Catholic Women’s League, locally, provincially, and nationally for God and Canada.
All women age 16 and above are encouraged to be members of this Catholic organization.
Mary Paradine – President

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