For families who have lost a loved one a  funeral doesn’t seem like a  simple  thing to plan or arrange. Here at St. Patrick’s everything is done to make this process as easy as possible under such difficult circumstances.  Families will find the process best if they work through a funeral parlour that will work directly with the parish to handle all the details and costs. Traditionally the only cost for  the church is a one hundred dollar stipend for the use of the church and a one hundred dollar stipend for an organist to provide music for the funeral. Payment can be made to the Funeral Parlour who will direct it to the parish or some families prefer to pay the parish directly. Either is acceptable. Families may choose to give the priest presiding at the funeral a stipend and that is permissible but it is not a requirement.  When a date and time is chosen for the funeral Mass and graveyard service, a meeting is set up with the priest. At that meeting all the logistics of the funeral mass will be set, as well as selecting readings and music. The parish will arrange all the details regarding the funeral choir, altar servers for Mass and a luncheon following mass if requested and available.

Funerals are a very special ministry here at St. Patrick’s and our volunteers work hard to provide for and respect the needs of the families at a very difficult time. We have a number of senior parishioners who generously give of their time to sing in the funeral choir, act as altar servers during the Mass or provide a luncheon after the funeral. We are always in need of volunteers for these ministries.

Funeral Music: Our parish organist is always available for funerals. He works with the funeral choir but is open to guest vocalists as well. When a funeral is set up one member of the funeral choir is notified and she calls all of the choir members giving them the date and time of the funeral. Our organist and dedicated choir is a valuable addition to the funerals that families truly appreciate.

Funeral Altar Servers: When setting up the details for a funeral the parish secretary calls a list of senior men in the parish who will attend funerals as altar servers. This service provided by the altar servers adds dignity and respect to the funeral and families are always grateful for this extra detail.

Funeral lunches are provided by the Catholic Women’s League if the hall is not already booked and the ladies are available. There is no cost for the use of the hall following a funerals that take place at St. Patrick’s. The Catholic Women’s League charges a small fee per person for their luncheon of sandwiches, cut veggies and sweets, tea, coffee and juice. When a family requests a luncheon they must estimate the number of people they expect to attend so that the ladies can purchase the supplies. Payment for luncheons is made directly to the Catholic Women’s League.

Contact  Sherry Rowland for more information.