St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is: "To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy."

To join in the work that the St. Vincent de Paul Society is performing in our parish, please contact the parish office.  You may also support our work through the Sunday collection envelopes that are available three times per year and/or by donating articles on "Bundle Sundays".  You can also drop off articles at the St. Vincent de Paul Store at 585 York Street.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society has started another outreach program: Preparing and serving dinner once a month to school aged children involved in an after school program with the London Community Chaplaincy. If you would like to help with this program or need more information, please contact Theresa boere at 519-472-1092

Our next breakfast at the St. Joseph's Hospitality Centre is March 22, 2014.
Volunteers are needed, call Bob Thibert at 641-4126.

The next dinner at Ronald McDonald House is March 12 and April 2, 2014.
Call Brian or Martha Sinasac at 657-1358, volunteers are needed. 

The next after school dinner at the Southdale Community Chaplaincy is March 20, 2014.
Call Teresa Boere at 519-472-1092 if you wish to help out.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your generous donations.



For more information about our society and what we do, visit the St. Vincent de Paul Society London website.

Contact  Bob Thibert for more information.