Living Rosary in Schools

"The Rosary is my favorite prayer. A marvelous prayer! Marvelous in its simplicity and its depth ... Against the background of the words Ave Maria the principal events of the life of Jesus Christ pass before the eyes of the soul ... At the same time our heart can embrace in the decades of the Rosary all the events that make up the lives of individuals, families, nations, the Church, and all mankind: our personal concerns and those of our neighbor, especially those who are closest to us. Thus the simple prayer of the Rosary marks the rhythm of human life." POPE JOHN PAUL II (1920-2005), October 29, 1978.

Through trained volunteers who love Our Lady and her Rosary, this ministry promotes devotion "to Jesus through Mary" by visiting elementary schools of the London District Catholic School Board and leading them in praying the Rosary. Through a thematic approach, connections are shown between the mysteries of the Rosary, liturgical themes, Scripture and students' daily lives. This ministry takes place in a school from October to May, usually one morning a month, Tues., Wed., or Thurs., for one to two hours, often at the grade level of the volunteer's choosing. 

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