Pro Life

Witness and Invitation by Bridget

 Being Catholic did not make me pro-life.  Science and basic human rights is what makes me pro-life.   Scientists around the world almost unanimously agree that human life begins at the moment of conception.  Basic human rights say we should protect and respect that life until natural death regardless of age, physical or mental capabilities.

 No, my faith did not make me pro-life, but being pro-life has deepened my faith and given me new respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church.

 When working in the pro-life movement one cannot help but see the pain and heartache in the lives of others.  Teen mothers, young women abandoned by partners unwilling to raise a child, women riddled with the guilt of aborting their child, the handicapped whose lives are deemed unworthy even of birth, the old and sick regarded as burdens on society.

 That is why a large part of being pro-life is not only in showing others how eliminating life through abortion and euthanasia will not take away their pain but in also trying to educate people to a lifestyle where these choices become less necessary and hopefully unthinkable.

 We try to impress upon teens that no sex is the only safe sex.   Numerous studies have shown an increase in STI’s, teen pregnancy and abortion rates where safe sex has been taught.   Due in part, to a phenomenon known as risk compensation, meaning that when one uses a risk-reduction ‘technology’ such as condoms, one often takes greater chances than one would take without them.

 We encourage couples to wait until they are in a committed relationship before having sex and to stay faithful to that one partner.  We teach that pregnancy is a natural result of sex and that if a couple wants to be in an intimate relationship they should be prepared that it may result in the creation of a new human life.  A life that should be loved and respected regardless of its capabilities.  In a 2011 survey done by the American Journal of Medical Genetics in which thousands of  parents, siblings and individuals with Down’s Syndrome themselves were questioned, it was found that 99% of down syndrome individuals were happy with their lives, far above the average, yet, 9 out of 10 children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome before birth will be aborted.

 Some pro-life organizations work strictly with women or men looking for healing and forgiveness after an abortion.  Others work on bringing respect and dignity to the handicapped, aged and dying.  Advocating for loving and compassionate end of life care over offers to kill.

 After years of promoting these lifestyle choices I finally came to the realization that it is exactly these same choices or values that the Catholic Church has been teaching for over two thousand years.  Laws set down for us by a loving God who wants us to live full and happy lives. 

 No, you do not have to be religious to be pro-life but it is hard not to see the loving hand of God involved in the pro-life movement.  The awesome wonder of the developing unborn child, the healing after an abortion so many women find only when they come to the realization of a loving and forgiving God, the dozens of abortion facility workers who have left their jobs to join the pro-life cause drawn by the humility and kindness of those praying outside their doors.   Unwed mothers given dignity and a chance for a new life, the peace and happiness in those shown love and compassion in their old age and fragility.   And the hope in those who have found respect in the ones they find hardest to love, themselves.

 Please support your local pro-life organization with your prayers and your membership.  We ask for $25 for a family membership, $20 for individuals and $20 for senior couples, but if that’s too much we will gladly accept any offering you can make, and if you’d like to give more we’ll accept that too.  Please make out any cheques to Goderich & District Pro-life, slip it in an envelope marked pro-life along with your name and address and email if you like, drop it in the offertory basket or leave it in one of the basket at the back of the church.


Contact  Tina Boutilier for more information.