About Us

Parish History

St. Patrick Parish was formed in the mid-1800s to serve the needs of Roman Catholic families in the Biddulph area.  Many of our original parishoners were Irish who had escaped The Great Potato Famine and crossed the Atlantic, only to discover that life in Ontario brought its own share of challenges.    Still, these intrepid souls cleared forests, raised children and, in 1859/60, built our present day church.  After World War II, Biddulph enjoyed another wave of immigrants, this time from the Netherlands.  Scores of Dutch families made the difficult decision to leave their ravaged homeland and immigrate to Canada, in the hopes of starting new lives.  Many established successful farms and became part of the St. Patrick family.  

Today, and at 153 years old, St. Patrick Church continues to beckon the faithful from near and far, with its iconic silhouette, graceful spire and high cross.  We are known as a warm and caring congregation with strong ties that go back many years.   It’s our nature to support and comfort each other in times of sorrow and celebrate together in times of joy.  We know this is a special parish and recognize that our size makes it easier to develop lasting friendships.  But above all, we appreciate how our church and community facilitate meaningful, rich worship experiences that lead us to act as one in the Body of Christ each