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History of St. George Catholic Church

Formation of a new parish in Byron

On July 9, 1955, Most Reverend John C. Cody, the 7th Bishop of London, constituted a new parish named after St. George, in the police village of Byron. Fr. Raymond Groome was appointed pastor of the 100 families of the new parish. The first Mass in this community was celebrated on July 10, 1955 in the auditorium of Byron Public School. On July 19, 1955, Richard Uhrig was the first person baptized in the parish.

The ground breaking ceremony for the original church took place on January 1, 1956. By September of that year, the parish was celebrating Mass in the completed basement. On October 28, 1958, the first Mass was celebrated in the worship area. The church was blessed and dedicated on November 4, 1956, with Bishop Cody, Monsignor Flannery, Monsignor J. Austin Roney, Father O'Rourke and Father Wildgen. The Seminary Schola led the congregation in song. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scheiring donated the Blessed Virgin Mary statue and Miss Marie Schering donated a statue of St. George.

Upgrades to the building

In 1980, the original church structure was upgraded with a new entrance on the south side. Two years later, the north side of the building was expanded to allow for more seating in the growing parish. The building continued to serve the needs of the growing congregation well until the early 1990s, when deterioration was noticed in the wood beams that supported the worship space. The lack of meeting space and other parish facilities, the growing population in the area and a desire to accommodate the needs of the physically challenged led the parish to decide to build a new building on the existing property. On January 11, 1998, the last Mass was celebrated in the original church.

A new church building

Between January 1998 and April 1999, the congregation met every Sunday for Mass in the foyer of St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. On April 3, 1999, on the Easter Vigil, the first Mass was celebrated in our new worship space. The first adult baptized in the new church that evening was Steven Priebe. On Sunday, April 4, 1999, Darcy Panziera was the first infant baptized in the new church. Bishop John Michael Sherlock presided over the Rite of Blessing and Dedication of the new church on April 23, 1999. The new church includes a Parish Hall, meeting rooms, offices and a large narthex. It has been a blessing, as this area of London has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past 10 years. It is wonderful to have such a beautiful facility in which to worship and gather for other spiritual and social events.


Fr. Raymond Groome (July 9, 1955 – July 1, 1959)

Fr. Carl Walsh (July 1, 1959 – June 14, 1964)

Rt. Rev. J. Austin Roney (June 14, 1964 – May 28, 1984)

Fr. Richard Brian Hunter (May 28, 1984 – June 29, 1990)

Fr. Richard Kenneth Janisse (June 28, 1990 – June 1996)

Fr. Gary N. Goyeau (June 1996 – June 2004)

Fr. John Pirt (June 2004 - June 2012)

Fr. John Jasica (July 2012 - present)