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From the Desk of Fr. John:

A Few Items:

Our New Church:
The deficiencies with the original work on the new church are being slowly corrected. We are still having a problem with a leaky roof. The workers should be on site this coming Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully this will resolve this issue. I would like to draw your attention to the deficiency in the wall behind the altar. This is a horizontal crack below the crucifix and another one just above the crucifix. It looks like a repair of these will necessitate a closure of the main worship space – hopefully not for too long. I will keep you informed.

Vacation Bible School
I would like to thank the many volunteers who made this week long program a success. Without their efforts, events like this would be impossible. Thanks again!

Financial Update
You will find a copy of the financial report for the first six months of 2017 in the bulletin this weekend. We ran a fairly substantial deficit in the first six months, but we are hopeful that the deficit at the end of the year will be smaller. The Finance Committee in the Fall will be looking at all the expenses to discover areas for savings. To all those who support the parish financially, I thank you.

I am aware that we have a number of people coming to Mass on a regular basis and are not Catholic (often coming with a spouse). The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) might be for you. It is an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic Faith and, if moved by the Spirit, to consider becoming a Catholic. If you are interested, contact Simone at the Office.

In Christ,
Fr John

In Christ,

Fr John