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This week we hear about God calling labourers into the vineyard and His great generosity. In order to understand “our” place in the vineyard we need to know some facts about the time in which this took place.
The house of Israel is the vine of God – who planted and watered it, preparing the Israelites to bear fruits of righteousness. Israel failed to yield good fruits and the Lord allowed His vineyard, Israel’s kingdom, to be overrun by conquerors. But God promised that one day He would replant His vineyard and its shoots would blossom to the ends of the earth.
This is the biblical backdrop to Jesus’ parable in this week’s Gospel. The landowner is God. The vineyard is the kingdom. The workers hired at dawn are the Israelites, to whom He first offered His covenant. Those hired later in the day are the Gentiles, the non-Israelites, who, until the coming of Christ, were strangers to the covenants of promise in the Old Testament. In the Lord’s great generosity, the same wages, the same blessings promised to the first-called who are the Israelites will be paid to those called last who are the rest of the nations.
This provokes grumbling among the labourers. God’s ways, however, are far from our ways. Like the Gentiles, many will be allowed to enter the kingdom late – after having spent most of their days idling in sin. We should rejoice that God has compassion on all whom He has created. This should console us, too, especially if we have loved ones who remain far from the vineyard. How do you react to the labourers in the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard?
This week letters and registration forms for First Reconciliation and First Communion will be handed out to the Grade 2 students at Ecole Ste. Michel and St. Louis School. If you know of any parents whose children are in the public school system, please have them call me (519-326-2643), email me (sseres@dol.ca) or have them pick up a form at the office. Our information meeting with the parents will be October 11th @ 7:00pm in the Church Hall. I look forward to meeting with you.
Peace in Christ,
Simone Seres, Pastoral Minister