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It is my privilege as the pastor of this community of faith to welcome you to our website and to invite you to browse through the information that is provided here to find any information you might wish to know about us. Our community has had a presence in Ingersoll since 1838 and we have built on what others have left as a legacy to their faith. We are a vibrant community who reach out as disciples in love and service to others in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.
We invite all in our community to bring their God-given gifts to join us in worship and service in and through the Church. All of us have been called by the Sacrament of Baptism to share in the work of building the Kingdom of God. From the early days of the Church, the Catholic community has worked to live out our call as disciples of Jesus by pondering the gift of the Scriptures and celebrating our call to worship as a family of believers.
I hope that you will join us and experience the welcome of the community here as we all continue to respond to the invitation of Jesus to experience the fullness of life that is offered to those who open themselves to His Presence in their personal lives.