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Dear Brothers and Sisters;

I would like to welcome you to our Web Page which is relatively new. I also extend to you a warm welcome to our community of faith, known as Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. We try our best to be welcoming to all who walk through our doors. All who wish to worship God and give praise to God are very much appreciated by all of us. We cannot be too grateful. We have a very diverse parish community with people of all ages and backgrounds. This makes for a community who is eager to discover other cultures and traditions. We have many in our parish who have reached the ‘glory of years’. They not only have the wisdom of accumulated experience, but also they are, in a very true sense, closer to their eternal destiny with the Lord. We are blessed to have them. In contrast we have an eager group of youth and young families who bring a ‘modern’ dimension to the world and to life. This gives us all a new and energized faith aspect. We try to meet the needs of all from our community and we are blessed to have a dedicated staff who are entrusted with that task. Our life and faith journey is meant to lead us all to one place, with God for eternity. I pray that we will all help one another on that road and together reach that eternal goal. Once again welcome to all and may God bless all of you and your families.

Fr. Dennis Wilhelm, Pastor.