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November 19th, 2017
Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
There is such a mix of feelings with the sadness of Father Dennis' passing and the arrival of Father Charles!
Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support of Father Dennis, a GIANT MAN OF FAITH AND LOVE! I have always dreaded this day and it has arrived. Being my best friend was lasting joy to carry on in building the Kingdom of God. I will always have lots of memories mixed with sadness, heavy heart, laughter and smiles. Heaven rejoices to receive such a dedicated soul! We all have to move on together empty of his great support! May he rest in Peace as we offer our prayer of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the gift and Priesthood of Reverend Dennis James Wilhelm, our Giant man of faith and love!
On a happier note, welcome Father Charles. Father Charles has arrived from Nigeria, West Africa and is a joy to get to know. If you wish to greet him to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in his mother tongue all you have to say is BAWONI (Bow-woni), which means hello! Between Father Charles and I, we will be travelling from church to church, office to office and restaurant to restaurant (we must keep up Father Dennis's tradition©) with celebrations, shared ministry and making new friends as we meet each other.
For now, let us keep our hearts fixed on Jesus, Mary and Joseph and pray for a deep and wonderful faith together. For us, faith is a gift and a mystery and we need to continue to live and learn the mystery. For Father Dennis, Faith has become sight in the Presence of his loving savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.
Remember, The Lord is close to the broken hearted!
Father Greg