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Beloved parishioners:
Some urgent needs to be addressed and for conversation about keeping our parish alive in the future.
Once again we have begun the preparations for the great feast in honour of Senhor Santo Cristo. A celebration that over the years has become dear to the hearts of many parishioners. Maybe you would like to read a message based on Senhor Santo Cristo or a spiritual message related to this sacred devotion and tradition. But there are some urgent needs to be addressed and considered. I'm sure that Senhor Santo Cristo would support addressing the needs of the parish.
1. Holy cross school will officially close at the end of June of this year, 2018. Who will buy the property? When and what will they do with this property? I do not know at this time nor does the school board. Although I am in contact with the diocese and the school Board. We will have to find ways to solve the PARKING situation, which will inevitably COST MONEY.
2. Last year I made an appeal regarding the need for the Sunday collection to increase. Unfortunately that's not happened. We are surviving on fundraising, depending on festas, “malassadas", and other events. A parish should be sustained on the Sunday collections funds. This will have consequences for the future and viability and sustainability of the parish. Once again I ask you to think seriously about increasing the Sunday collection
3. At the present time we have no debt, but remember that we will need to look at the PARKING SITUATION AND WE NEED A NEW ROOF.
4. I'd like you to consider donating to the parish in your will. Note that most of our older churches of this country, such as ours, were the result of generous souls who donated property to building them as well as the catholic schools. Generous people made great sacrifices to build these churches, and now we are the beneficiaries.
5. It would be ideal if people commit themselves to donate via» direct deposit» Sunday offering taken from your bank account. So we would not feel the big discrepancy when people leave for their extended holidays. It would help immensely in planning the annual ‘Budget’
6. We've talked about the fact that in the next 2 to 3 years all parishes will be part of the FAMILY OF PARISHES. I want to remind you that we will be part of Mary Immaculate, St. Andrews, which will also include the Korean parish. There only be two priests to this family group of PARISHES. This implies reduction of masses and certain services in all the parishes
I don't want to leave you discouraged, there are great promising signs for a dynamic future and with good will, and a little sacrifice from everyone, not just a few, we can still count on many years of parish life. I can't forget the kindness and generosity of many parishioners who love their parish and are so committed to their faith. I pray and I ask on this occasion of the feast of SENHOR SANTO CRISTO, that many more parishioners listen to the voice OF SENHOR SANTO CRISTO, HE WHO MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE AND GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US. WE MAKE OUR PRAYER THROUGH YOU, SENHOR SANTO CRISTO of the Miracles.