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As we conclude the festive Christmas season, I hope it was a season of grace and of blessings from our Lord, as you celebrated and shared time with family, including the family of your parish, as well as the opportunity of being with friends.
I thank God for the many blessings received: first for having one more opportunity and life to celebrate the great mystery of God who tore heaven to be with us, whom we call the Incarnation. I deeply thank all the members of the parish who tirelessly make themselves available and make sacrifices to prepare the church: from decorations to the sacred liturgies including the music concert that helped us prepare for the coming of God Emmanuel. I am grateful for the positive attitudes, joy and enthusiasm I felt among parishioners as I greeted you at the masses. Be sure of my gratitude and affection as you showed it in many ways: prayers, postcards and gifts. Many blessings and peace for the year 2020.
Prayerfully, Fr. Nelson