At. St. Patrick’s we follow the Diocesan Guideline for weddings and marriage preparation. We require notice of weddings 1 year in advance. A meeting is required with the parish priest to assure the couple is free to marry before a wedding date will be booked. Weddings can be performed for a couple when at least one person in the couple is a baptized Catholic and who is registered in the parish. If a couple is not registered in the parish they could still have their wedding at St. Patrick’s with permission of the pastor of the parish where they are currently registered. Weddings can take place with our without Mass.

Also within Diocesan guidelines there is a $100.00 cost for the use of the church for a wedding. The wedding couple is responsible to hire and pay a musician if they want music at their service. St. Patrick’s organist is available for hire for weddings. If the couple would like to give the priest presiding at their wedding a monetary stipend it is allowed but not requested.