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We hope you find everything you need to know about the activities and events that are going on in our Parish by reading our e-bulletin.  Make Sure you subscribe to it first before you are able to get it every week.  Just follow the instructions provided on the hard copy of the bulletin.  if you need to see previous editions, just click on the right menu: "Archives", and you will see a list of previous bulletins.

Remember, communication is the key to spread the Word of God and the Mission of the Church in the World.

The parish invites ministry-related announcements for the weekly parish bulletin. They should be e-mailed or typewritten (please note that e-mail is preferred).  Please submit one week before the requested date of publication. Insertion requests are accepted on a space-available basis and may be edited for clarity or for reasons of space.



Deadline:  NOON Fridays      Send to :   The Parish Office  


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