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I.d.9:16 Formation Nights Young Adults +


A Community of Missionary Disciples We all long to be known, to be supported, to have an identity. Unfortunately, in vast areas of the Catholic Church, young adults are not looking to Christ and the Church for the answers of life’s basic questions. Instead, many young adults are looking to sports teams, social media, and entertainment to fill that void. Based on a recent national study, less than 10% of the Catholic Millennial Generation (roughly 20s/30s) attends Mass on a weekly basis. Real, authentic, and vibrant Catholic young adult communities are scarce, but their importance both to the individual and the parish cannot be understated. This type of community requires and produces disciples who have encountered Christ, dropped their nets, and eagerly accepted His call to go make more disciples. The young adults from your parish are ready to go deeper, and that’s why we are excited to partner with i.d.9:16.


i.d.9:16 ( exists to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ by giving parishes the tools to build, maintain, and grow a young adult community.

The goal is not to separate the young adults from the parish, but rather provide an environment of growth and formation that will empower and encourage them to become more active participants in parish life. The first step in developing this new ‘community of missionary disciples’ is the monthly Disciples’ Night. On the first Thursday of every month, we will gather together for Mass, dinner and a talk on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in our world today. Here are the details for the first Disciples’ Night:

Date: 1st Thursday of every month beginning in September

Time: 6:15pm (beginning with Mass, followed by a meal, talk and fellowship)

Location: St. Michaels Parish, 511 Cheapside St., London

Speaker: T.B.A.

each month Cost: $10

The Disciples’ Night provides an excellent opportunity to foster communion, embrace the Church’s teaching, and arouse a greater sense of mission. We are just starting this new chapter of i.d.9:16 and we are excited to see where the Lord takes us. We want the young adults at our parish to embrace a deeper understanding of our walk as disciples, and eagerly invite others to join us.

For any questions or for further information please contact Fr. Patrick Bénéteau at