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Bible Study - Lectio: Eucharist Nov 7

Excited to bring Lectio:Eucharist to our Bible Study this year!  Tuesdays starting November 7! Come out and join us!

When we think of how the Mass or the Eucharist is presented in the Bible, likely the first passages that come to mind are the gospel accounts of the Last Supper, when Jesus celebrated the Jewish Passover and broke bread with his Apostles.  This isn’t surprising, as it is from these gospel accounts that we find the words of Jesus that the Priest repeats at each Mass.  But what Bible passage on the Eucharist would you look up next?   For many of us, finding that second passage about the Eucharist might prove more difficult.  We might even wonder if there is another passage about the Eucharist in the Bible.  Would you like to learn more?  Join us for the  ten sessions of our Fall Bible Study series LECTIO – EUCHARIST, as we discover the Mass in the Bible!  There will be a choice of two sessions to attend.  Tuesdays at 2 pm at Immaculate Heart of Mary or Tuesdays after the 7 pm Mass at Sacred Heart.   Start date for both is November 7th!   Watch a short video about the study at   Details coming soon for registration on our new and improved website!   Contact Julie de Gouw at for more information.