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Why Catholic? LIVE begins week Oct 15 2017

Get ready for it...Why Catholic? LIVE: Christian Morality begins week of Oct 15!!

Why Catholic? - It’s hard to believe but this is Year IV of Why Catholic? already!!  Please feel welcome to join us for this last year of the Why Catholic? journey!  You don’t need to have participated in the other years to start now!  If you even want to just come see what this small group formation study is like, let one of your Why Catholic? Parish Team members know and we can help make things happen!  Just do it!!


In LIVE: Christian Morality, our journey explores how we live each day according to the teaching of Jesus, especially in the Great Commandments and the Beatitudes.  Come see how this process balances prayer, shares Scripture and reflects on the teachings of our faith, all the while providing a full and fruitful faith-sharing experience for participants!


Come talk to any of your Parish Team members after Mass!