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A Message from Children's Ministry July 23rd

“...and all the people said “Amen!” (Matt Maher). St. Joseph and St. Ursula Children’s Ministry hosted “Come Sail Away!” vacation bible camp in recent weeks. There was plenty of “Praise and Worship” time, crafting Crucifix’s, painting our feet and walking the “Road to Holiness”, sharing Fruit Loops cereal and milk, crafting Chalice and Patens, touring St. Joseph Church, “Walking on Water” (slip and slide on a very sudsy tarp!) during the River Jordan Water Day (St. Ursula Site), snacks of graham crackers, icing and Skittles (to make our own cell phone treats, as, God Is “Calling” all of us!), creating a theatrical play entitled “Whaaa! I don’t want to go to church!” (More on this in the weeks to come), and did we  mention “Praise and Worship” time? Whew! This does not even scratch the surface. The week was truly graced in learning  about God’s “Call” for us as the teaching focused on Vocation. THANK YOU to St. Joseph Harwich CWL and St. Joseph City CWL for the generous gift of breakfast, creative snacks and bagged lunches to take home for all the children each day. THANK YOU to the leaders and leaders in training. THANK YOU to the St. Vincent de Paul for their support. THANK YOU to the parishioners who donated food and money to this camp. Time to rest and reflect on the goodness of God’s love. “Amen”. Peaceful week, Lynne