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A Message from Fr. Matt on June 18th

We have come to that time in June when high school students write exams, and we celebrate end of school masses and Grade 8 graduations.  Please keep our students in your prayers as they come to these “milestone” events. As well, keep in mind the teachers and staffs who have journeyed with our young people this past year. Hopefully, it has been a rich year of learning and growing not only in knowledge but in our faith and a relationship with Jesus.  
This has also become a busy time for donation appeals. Thanks to all those who have been able to contribute to our local Right to Life Office, the seminary rebuilding campaign, the priest pension fund or to the situation in Africa that the Bishop speaks of in his letter to parishioners. With so many demands, it may not be possible to give to each. You know your financial situation and I would encourage you to make decisions  prudently. It is admirable to give to worthy causes, but you must also ensure that your basic needs are also being taken care of. Sometimes people come up to me saying, “Father, I have no more to give; I need to buy food, pay the rent, etc.” Our God invites us to share what we have, but also to be responsible.
Just a reminder that the Chapel at St. Joseph is air-conditioned, so if you have issues with the heat or have any breathing difficulties, you may want to consider attending Mass in there. We have a TV set up in the Chapel so that you can see and hear all that is going on in the main church and the Eucharist will be brought to you.
This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day, so we wish all of our fathers a note of thanks for the precious gift  of love that they have shared with their children and pray that they may experience God’s special blessings not only today but always. As well, you may want to remember anyone who was ‘father-like’ for you and the gift that such was in your life.