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That Man Is You

That Man is You

That Man Is You aims to bring men together to share, discover and reinforce their commitment to living a Christ centred life with their families and in the world.
We have two terms, one running from September until Christmas and a second from January until Easter.

Our September 2017 program will deal with the following topics;

  • The scriptural vision of man and the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports this vision.
  • The four leadership roles that have been entrusted to men and the five personal traits necessary for fulfilling these leadership roles.
  • How and why Satan always attacks the union of man and woman.
  • The three main obstacles to living as authentic men and the means for overcoming them.
  • The wonderful renewal God is offering to men and their families through the Church.

We meet on Saturday mornings;
Starting with breakfast from 7:00 am until 7:30. Once a month we have a hot breakfast.
7:30 until 8:00 we watch a video presentation.
8:00 until 8:30 we break into small groups of about 6 people per group for discussion. 8:30 is the finish time as this allows people to resume with their busy schedules.
The video focus on what is relevant to men in our everyday lives and how we can be more God centred. The presentations are well thought out and well delivered. TMIY originated in Galveston Texas. There are groups though out USA and Canada.

We have been meeting in the Parish Hall of St. Ursula’s Church. There is no cost for the meetings, we do however suggest a small donation to cover the cost of the breakfasts. If you miss a session that is not a problem.
It is open to all Catholic men, not just members of our parish cluster. Men from various parts of Kent County and even Elgin County join us. Our two local pastors;
Fr. Matt Kucharski and Fr. Jim Higgins support this program.

For further information you may contact;
Deacon Morgan Treacy

Or visit the That Man is You Website at;