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The Cursillo Movement, which began in Spain in 1949 and came to the United States in 1957, is described by the Catholic Almanac as an "instrument of Christian renewal designed to form and stimulate persons to engage in evangelizing their everyday environments."

This rather intense formation process happens when a person attends a Cursillo, or "little course," a structured program of three courses, each taking three days or a weekend.

Men's Cursillo takes place at Blessed Sacrament in the hall the last weekend in January.
Women's Cursillo takes place the 2nd weekend in February.

St. Agnes Parish contacts - Boyet Norte:, Sugar Norte:
Blessed Sacrament contacts - Celine & Rob Barnwell 519-351-3560

Barb Kopriva, Cursillo Parish Rep Co-ordinator - 519-360-9841

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