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Pints with Aquinas

Pints with Aquinas

Pints with Aquinas is for ages 19-35 and we will meet once a month through the summer at the new brewery “Sons of Kent”. For the first night Mike McPherson is going to have a BBQ at his house and it’s all free. It will be May 19th at 6:00 pm, add Mike McPherson YouthMinister on facebook for details and dates of upcoming events. There are business cards available with his email and phone number on them. You don’t have to be Catholic to go all you need to go is the enjoyment of beer and religious conversation. If you are a young married couple, have kids, if you’re single or home from University for the summer it will be perfect for you.

This group is based on a Podcast by a fantastic Catholic speaker and apologist named Matt Fradd. Check out his website and podcast here:

(Note: we will not talk only about St. Thomas Aquinas. For details about topics request access to the Facebook group here )

Get in touch with Mike McPherson at or call 519-352-9483 ext. 25