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The children decided to distribute the money they raised at their Talent Show as follows:  they paid $111.00 for the sponsorship of their foster brother Lanmark.  They also purchased the following gifts through Chalice:  Sports balls, solar lantern, malaria and zika prevention for a baby, food for a family, and chicks and ducklings (total $105.00).  They also donated $55.00 to our local St. Vincent de Paul to help those in our own community.  Thank you again for your support of our charitable causes.  Our next endeavour is the St. Vincent de Paul challenge – Sunday School challenges the Parish to partner with us to donate 500 pieces of food to St. Vincent de Paul by the end of June – items we are seeking donations of are:  Hamburger Helper; Jam; Canned Fruits.   Please bring any items to be donated to the basement of the church.  The children will count and sort it before it is sent to St. Vincent de Paul.


Contact Tina Boutilier for more information