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Rosary Prior to Weekend Masses

Saturday evenings- 1st weekend Clinton Ladies, 2nd weekend-Liz Murtha & Bill Love, 3rd weekend-Clinton ladies and 4th weekend-Brenda Teichert or Janet McDonald.

Sunday at 9 a.m.  - 1st weekend need replacement for Delores Van Osch, 2nd weekend- Adrian Vugts, 3rd weekend- J. P. Rau (replace Jim and Pat ), 4th weekend- Joe and Joyce Essery.

Sunday at 11 a.m. 1st weekend-Jim Shanahan, 2nd weekend-Jackie Simpson or Bridget Van Osch, 3rd Sunday-Jim Shanahan, 4th Sunday- Jackie Simpson or Bridget Van Osch

When there is a 5th Sunday weekend, those that do the 4th Sunday will also do the 5th Sunday. (This should only happen 3 times a year).

For those that do the 9 a.m. Mass, try and find someone to volunteer to do the first Sunday and advise Jim Shanahan.  

If someone is unable to keep their scheduled date, please find a replacement.

We will start the mystery rotation. 1st weekend-Joyful, 2nd weekend- Illuminous, 3rd weekend -Sorrowful and 4th weekend & 5th weekends Glorious Mysteries. You may use either the mic at the front of the church or in the choir loft.  Please begin 15-20 minuets prior to Mass.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Jim Shanahan.

Contact Tina Boutilier for more information