Youth clipartMoose Mountain Club is jam-packed with crafts, fun, games, skits and snacks geared to help Grade Two to Six students make lasting friendships. High School students can develop leadership skills and earn School Service Hours by offering their time and talents as volunteers. For thirty years now, social awareness has been a major focus of our programs. Each year, our parishioners donate a tremendous amount of food to St Joseph’s Hospitality Centre as part of our Thanksgiving Food Drive. Last year, London’s Youth Action Centre awarded St Patrick’s the “Steve Cordes Community Star Award” for generously providing Christmas gifts to our city’s transients and street kids as part of the Giving Tree Program.

In the Spring, parishioners pick up coloured Summer Camp Boxes at the doors of the church. Depending on the colour, they fill the boxes with school supplies for the children at the Summer Camps, with toiletries for the hospice residents or little toys and sweets for the orphans. Our parishioners are always more than generous with these gifts our volunteers distribute to the needy in Jamaica.

We wind up our calender year with two community-building events: our annual Mass of the Anointing of the Sick for Shut-ins,  followed by a full-course Christmas Dinner and entertainment; and at last, a Parish Christmas Celebration (either a Pageant or a Talent Show).

Our Team is made up of realists; we know we will likely never see the fruits of the seeds we sow. But, if we can plant in a thousand minds that God loves us, that we are his handiwork, that the principles he teaches lead to a better life and that we all have a place in his family, the work we do is well worth the effort.

Lynn Di Pinto - Youth Minister

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