Come to the Cornerstone 10 Weekend...
Date to be announced soon!

What is the Cornerstone Weekend?
Cornerstone is a back to the basics Catholic retreat weekend for young adults.  This dynamic weekend is full of discussions, music, food, fun, activites and more.  You will be glad you came!  Come discover that Christ is our Cornerstone!

How did it begin?
This retreat began at St. Gregory the Great in Tecumseh, in 2006 for those 18+.  The retreat was moved to Sacred Heart LaSalle Community and has been re-developed to include Grade 11 students in 2009.  Cornerstone continues to be "tweaked" each year to improve on the last.

Who Can Attend?
Cornerstone is open to all young people, men & women, grade 11 to age 20.

Where is it?
The location of the Cornerstone weekend will be held at St. Thomas of Villanova High School.

How much does it cost?
There is a $40.00 registration fee for the weekend, which includes all meals.

How do I sign up?
Fill out the application form and $10 minimum deposit and return it to:
- Sacred Heart Church Office(or collection basket with Youth Ministry written on an envelope) OR
- St. Thomas of Villanova Campus Ministry Office
Someone will contact you with more information once the application is submitted.