My Dear Friends,

At the very outset, I am very happy to introduce myself to you. I am Fr. Thomas Cherusseril (Cheru-say-ril) Kuriacko (ku-ri-yako) CST your new Pastor. I am a member of the religious community known as the little Flower Congregation. Our heavenly patroness is St. Little Flower (St. Therese of the Child Jesus. We are known as CST Fathers (CST stands for Congretation Sanctae Therese). Our Religious order was established in 1933, in Kerala, a province on the south-west of India, by Fr. Thomas Panatt (Fr. Basilius CST).

I was born on May 18, 1948, in Kottayam, Kerala, India, in a farming community about 2000 kilometers south of Mumbai (formerly Bombay). I am the youngest of the four children in the family. I lost my oldest sister in 1999 and my brother in January, 2016. My only surviving brother lives in India. After having completed my High School studies I joined Little Flower Congregation in June 1965. After a year of Minor seminary studies at Little Flower Seminary Mookkannur I did a one year novitiate at Little Flower novitiate House, Mookkannur. My three year philosophy studies were done at the the Congregation's own philosophate, Little Flower Seminary, Alwaye. After that I joined Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye for the master of studies in theology. I was ordained On December 19, 1974.

After having completed my studies in the seminary, from April 1975, I worked as a missionary priest, in Gorakhpur (in the state of Uttar Pradesh) first in the diocese of Varanasi and in the diocese of Gorakhpur since its establishment in 1984 to November 2002, until I came to Canada. Hence my ministry in the North Indian Missions for was 28 years. While there, I had a chance to serve the diocese as well as my religious community in various capacities: as the Regional Superior of the CST Fathers, the Rector of the Congregation's Minor Seminary, the Principal and Manager of different schools in the diocese, and the parish Priest of different Mission Stations. I had also the opportunity to do social uplift works for the people in the rural areas in the state.

At the invitation of Bishop Michael Sherlock, in November 2002, I came to work in the diocese of London. Since then I have worked as associate pastor, in the parishes of St.Boniface - Zurich, Immaculate Heart - Grand Bend, St. Peter's - St. Joseph, St. Peter's- Goderich, St. Joseph's-Kingsbridge, St. Mary's-Lucknow, St Joseph's Clinton and St. Patrick's-London. Then in July 2009 I was appointed Pastor at St. Mary's West Lorne and St. Helen's Wallacetown.

Now that I have been appointed pastor of Sacred Heart, Langton and St. Michael's Walsh, I am here at your service. I am excited to be here, to serve you in every way possible, as a useful instument in the hands of god. Hope we together can do a lot for the greater glory of God during the coming years!!

God Bless you all.

Fr. Thomas