Letter to Neighbours of the Diocese of London RE: Severance of Property

This week residents surrounding the Diocese of London will receive a letter informing them of the planned changes to our property as a result of the Seminary’s renovations. The letter also outlines an application to the City of London for consent to sever our current property into three parcels of land. 

The text of the letter reads:

Dear Neighbour(s),

St. Peter’s Seminary and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London have embarked on a process to restore and renovate the 90-year-old Seminary building, located at 1040 Waterloo Street. The hope is that these renovations will enable St. Peter’s Seminary to continue to carry out its formation and educational functions in the building for another 90 years or more.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the planned changes to our property as a result of these renovations.

Necessary renovations to the Seminary building will include exterior restoration work (some of which has already been completed), interior renovation work to update educational and residence facilities, as well as the creation of a new entrance from Waterloo Street with more functional driveway, drop-off and parking facilities.

In preparation for these changes, we have submitted an application to the City of London for consent to sever our current property into three parcels of land (see Figure 1 on the reverse side). Parcel A will be severed and then transferred by the Diocese to St. Peter’s Seminary. Parcel B will continue to be the site of our offices. The Diocese has negotiated a tentative sale with King’s University College for Parcel C, and is currently working to finalize the agreement and satisfy a number of conditions. Nearby owners will receive notice from the City of London about this application for consent to sever.

St. Peter’s Seminary, founded in 1912, serves as a key center of Formation and Education to ensure the high quality formation of priests, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers; and provides programs of ongoing formation and education for those in every vocation in the Diocesan Church. As the Seminary with the broadest representation of seminarians from across Canada, it is clear that the vitality of St. Peter’s Seminary is important not only to the Diocese of London, but to dioceses across Canada.

St. Peter’s Seminary is in the beginning stages of a fundraising campaign for their renovations, and will hold an Open House on Sunday, September 25 from 2 to 4 pm during which the London community will be welcomed to tour the Seminary building, however it should be noted this is not part of the formal severance process.

The Diocese of London and St. Peter’s Seminary look forward to this next chapter. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at dsavel@dol.ca.

Any questions regarding King’s University College can be directed to Jane Antoniak, Manager of Communications & Media Relations, at jane.antoniak@kings.uwo.ca.


Dave Savel, CPA, CA
Episcopal Director of Administrative Services
Diocese of London

Click here for a PDF of the letter, including a map outline of the property severance.