Diocese of London Statement Regarding Donation of Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Founded in 1881, the existing Our Lady of the Rosary church building located in Ford City on Riverside Drive East (Windsor), was built in 1908 and could hold about 1,000 people. A population boom in the first half of the 20th century resulted in the construction of nine new churches in the area surrounding Our Lady of the Rosary.
Changing demographics in the latter half of the 20th century, restoration costs and the process of parish reorganization led to the closure of the church in 2007. The Diocese of London does not have an existing or future need for the Our Lady of the Rosary church building or the property it stands on.
At the June 16, 2008 Windsor City Council meeting, council designated the former Our Lady of the Rosary church as a heritage site. The Diocese of London then announced it would work with the city on the possible donation of the former Our Lady of the Rosary church to the city. It was the diocese’s hope that the City of Windsor, as a knowledgeable entity, would be able to find a suitable and proper use for the building that could serve the local people.
If the City of Windsor does not choose to accept this donation, the diocese will begin a process to solicit proposals from other interested parties. It is still our hope that a suitable owner will find a use for this former church. This is similar to the direction the diocese has undertaken with other unused former churches that have been designated as heritage sites, including those in nearby Essex County: St. Joachim in St. Joachim and Annunciation in Stoney Point. Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Joachim and Annunciation all are being offered for sale for the token amount of $1 provided an acceptable proposal is received. More information is available by emailing here.
The Diocese of London has restored many historic churches across southwestern Ontario, and in the City of Windsor, including St. Alphonsus and Holy Name of Mary. The diocese covers most of southwestern Ontario in the following nine counties: Elgin, Essex, Huron, Kent, Lambton, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxford and Perth.