World War II Scrapbook Diocese’s First Online Archives Exhibit

In the summer of 2007, as Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Windsor was preparing for its closure, various historical and liturgical items were removed for safekeeping. Among the items collected from the historic church was a large scrapbook containing biographical entries of more than 400 parishioners who enlisted to serve in the Second World War.

The scrapbook has been preserved in the diocesan archives. While it is too fragile for physical handling or public display, as the condition of pages has deteriorated over the years, the diocesan archivist has digitized the entire scrapbook.

“This is the first online exhibit for our archives,” said Debra Majer, Archivist for the Diocese of London. “We’ve received requests for the information in the scrapbook on a regular basis ever since it was discovered and we wanted to make it accessible to everyone. I’m amazed at the extent of organization, research and community effort that was put into creating this invaluable historic record.”

Anyone can view the scrapbook for free by clicking here.

It is unknown who was responsible for collecting and compiling the information in the scrapbook. The entries were created on the back of Ford Motor Company index cards and list: the name of the individual; age; battalion/unit identification number; marital status; name of spouse; number of children; parent’s names; and home address. Also included on many of the entries are facts of interest; a photo; military service information, i.e. years of service, location of service; a white cross for those who died while in service; references to information regarding historic military campaigns (i.e. D-Day, Invasion of Normandy; Battle of Dieppe; and newspaper clippings).

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