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Each one of us has been bestowed with many gifts from the Lord: the gifts of our unique talents, the gifts of our time here on earth and material gifts, as well.

We are called to be good stewards of these gifts – to use them to help build up His Kingdom on Earth and to provide for others who are less fortunate. As Christian stewards, we are asked to use our time and talents to advance the ministry of the Church and to donate a portion of our treasure for the Lord’s work.

We all are invited to support our parish and our local community. There are many ways to do this: through weekly donations, special collections, crisis and disaster relief efforts, bequests, gifts of stock, and more. In the coming months, additional resources will be posted and made available on how you can help support the Church in your community.

How Can I Make a Donation Online?

More and more people nowadays find it easier and more convenient to give online. Responding to people's needs and desires, we have partnered with Canada Helps to process online donations. The system is very flexible: you can make a one-time donation or you can set up a monthly recurring donation - it's up to you! 

Can I designate my donation to a particular parish or ministry? Yes! Just enter any instructions into the message/instructions field. The accounting department at the diocesan offices will direct the funds accordingly.

Am I going to receive unsolicited offers and requests from the diocesan offices if I donate online? No! We may send a thank you note, and Canada Helps will send you a receipt. That's it!

How do I make my online donation? It's very easy. Click the link below and complete the easy to use form. Questions? Contact the Diocese of London's Director of Communications and Development by email or by calling 519-433-0658.

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Annual Thanksgiving Parish Appeal

The Thanksgiving Parish Appeal is a very effective way to support ministry in parishes. Sometimes it is difficult to envision how one donation can help, how makes a real difference. But each donation does make a difference because of all the others who also make a donation. The gifts of many enable your parish to deliver needed ministries and services.

This year has been filled with blessings and challenges. We thank our leaders who give us a message of hope in times when many do not see hope or experience faith. Our Pastoral Plan is becoming a reality through prayer, time, persistence and hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Appeal:

What is the Thanksgiving Parish Appeal?

Parishes in the Diocese of London are provided the opportunity to conduct an annual Appeal to help fund the work and upkeep of their parish, including ministries, offices, capital projects and other services.

Why should people give to the Thanksgiving Parish Appeal?

It is important to provide all parishioners with an opportunity to share their financial gifts to help provide Catholic ministry and services to the people in their own community. The Appeal also provides a teachable moment. It allows parish leaders the opportunity to talk about the vibrant local Catholic community. The Appeal provides an opportunity to reflect upon the fact that every Catholic is responsible not only for his or her church, but also for the well being of the needs throughout their community.

Will my gift make a difference?

It takes time, talent and treasure to run an effective, caring parish. Ministry and outreach cost money. Your gift will help your parish meet everyday financial needs. The heating and maintenance of your church is a basic need. Likewise, reaching out to others is not a luxury, but a basic part of our faith. The gospel message challenges us to help the poor, feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Will my gift be well spent?

Yes! Funds raised stay within your parish to help minister to those in need, pay day-to-day operating expenses and meet our financial commitments. These expenditures are detailed in annual parish financial reports.

Should my parish have a goal?

It is recommended. The goal can be based on a percentage of the parish offertory income for the previous year or on a specific project (debt reduction, capital project, a new ministry, etc.).

How can my parish meet or exceed its goal?

• Send a letter to all parish members who have given to the parish in recent years.
• Promotion, through posters, flyers, brochures, bulletin and pulpit announcements, etc.
• Conduct an in-pew solicitation for two consecutive weekends.
• Report on progress towards the goal during the month of October.

What happens when my parish exceeds its goal?

Great! Remember, all funds raised stay in your parish community and are not subject to the parish assessment.

How is the in-pew solicitation helpful?

The in-pew solicitation can succeed in obtaining donations from far more people than just inviting people to take envelopes home or to stop at a table. The in-pew process assures that each parishioner who attends Mass understands that he/she is being invited to consider making a donation at that time.

What are the benefits of doing the in-pew process on consecutive weekends?

Many Catholics do not attend Mass at their own parish every weekend. If they miss Mass one weekend, they may be more likely to donate during the in-pew process than they are to stop at a table after Mass. This can go a long way toward reaching and exceeding your goal.