Project Rachel

Our Mandate
Post-abortion help for women and men, who are still hurting as a result of a past abortion experience.

Our Work

Men or women may call the private and confidential help line at 1-888-355-1110 or at 519-646-2950 to connect with a volunteer. They are offered an opportunity to meet one to one with a clergy member or a counsellor in their area. Women are also offered an opportunity to attend one of the semi-annual Project Rachel Retreat weekends. Presentations on post-abortion trauma, Project Rachel and the healing process are offered to students in high school and to leaders throughout the diocese.

Our Good News Stories
It had been 41 years since Caroline was 18 years old, and her sister had taken her to the United States for her abortion. Her family, especially her father, did not like her boyfriend, and would never have tolerated her pregnancy. After their return, she and her mother never spoke of the incident again. 41 years later, for the first time in her life, she was able to share her story with others. She finally was given the grace to grieve the loss of her unborn child, and to forgive those by whom she felt abandoned in her hour of greatest need. Eight months later, Caroline ended her chemotherapy, and died in peace, with her husband and adult children at her side. They said she knew she would see her child again in heaven, where she would wait for them as well.

Carlos was serving in the forces when a telephone call from his new wife changed his world forever. High school sweethearts, they had been married a year. She had become pregnant just prior to his leaving on his current assignment. Faced with the unforeseeable future of raising a child alone on an army base, she consulted a local centre that assisted women in planning for parenthood. They strongly recommended she have an abortion to terminate the pregnancy, and then wait for her husband’s return to have a child. Stressed and alone, she agreed. The pregnancy that was terminated was a little girl. Carlos fell apart. After a time of drinking through his pain, Carlos was arrested for assaulting a fellow soldier and discharged from the army. Three failed relationships led him to a conversation with a counselor years later, who told him he needed to deal with the abortion of his first child. In calling Project Rachel, Carlos connected with a priest who not only shared with him how much God so loved his daughter, but loved him as well. Continuing with counseling, Carlos is learning to trust again, and to risk loving others.