Financial Reports

Accountability and transparency are key points found in Goal 6 of our Pastoral Plan. We take this very seriously when it comes to financial reports: parishioners have a right to know how their donations have been spent. In order to honour our Pastoral Plan, a Financial Report for the Diocese of London is published annually in the Newsletter of the Diocese of London as well as posted on the Diocese of London’s website.

As well, every parish in the Diocese of London must present it’s own financial report at least annually to it’s parishioners to be in accordance with diocesan policy.

Diocese of London Revenues and Expenditures Explained

Diocese of London Financial Reports

2014 Financial Report

2013 Financial Report

2012 Financial Report

2011 Financial Report

2010 Financial Report

2009 Financial Report

2008 Financial Report 

2007 Financial Report

2006 Financial Report

2005 Financial Report