The purpose of the Diocese of London Archives is to centralize, organize, preserve, protect and make available the records and materials which pertain to the origin, history, spirit and development of the diocese. Archival materials created from within the Diocese of London provide knowledge of the Church’s heritage and furnish an incentive to continue the good work of the people of God in the local Church. The Diocesan Archives is also a continuation of the social and built history of southwestern Ontario.

The following links will help you navigate the resources and services that are available through the Diocese of London Archives:

Reference Services
Diocesan Publications Available for Purchase
Requesting a Sacramental Record
Accessing the Diocesan Archives
Genealogy and Cemetery Resources
Index of Places in Ontario with Parish Churches and Missions


 The contents of the Diocesan Archives encompass not only the official papers of past episcopates but anything and everything which helps to preserve the sense of history, the spirit and charism of the diocese. The collection is a testimony of the accounts, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations and other activities which have taken place in the diocese since 1760.

Contents of the DOL Archives include:

  • Bishops’ Papers
  • Education
    • Christ the King College
    • Divine Word Centre
    • Regina Mundi Junior Seminary
    • St. Peter’s Seminary
  • Diocesan Programs and Agencies 
  • Liturgical Items 
  • Maps 
  • Parish Files 
  • Photographs 
  • Priest Biographies 
  • Publications 
  • Relics 
  • Sacramental Registers 
  • Scrapbooks (Click here for Our Lady of the Rosary WWII Scrapbook)

Reference Services

The Archives provides reference services in the areas of:

  • Church/parish histories;
  • Bishops and priests biographies;
  • Catholic agencies, ministries and programs;
  • Catholic history for south-western Ontario and;
  • Genealogical inquiries. 

Diocesan Publications Available for Purchase

Shepherd’s According to my Heart: A History of St. Peter’s Seminary. Debra Majer (editor). 2012 - $15

My Heart’s Best Wishes For you: A Biography of Archbishop John Walsh. John Comiskey. 2012.

Holy Ground: Holy Family Retreat House and the Retreat Movement in the Diocese of London. Michael R. Prieur. 2011. - $20

Celebrating 125 Years of the St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica. Mark C. Ambrogio and Debra Majer. 2010. - $5

Gather Up the Fragments: A History of the Diocese of London. Michael Power, Daniel J. Brock, et. al. 2008. - $20

Panes of Glory: Illuminations from the Stained Glass Windows of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, St. Peter’s Seminary, London, Ontario. Michael Prieur. 2005. - $50