Why Catholic? Journey through the Catechism from Renew International. 

This program comes at a pivotal time in that its goal is to form adults for the work of the New Evangelization which will be the focus of our next cycle of pastoral planning.

Why Catholic? is a parish-based effort that aims to equip people with the knowledge and confidence to share their faith with others by first awakening, clarifying, and deepening their own Catholic faith. 

Successfully implemented in over more than 2,000 parishes in North America, this process covers the basic teaching of the Church in terms of what we believe, celebrate, live, and pray.  Its sound and user-friendly materials draw upon Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church combined with explicit down-to-earth ways to live our Catholic faith more fully.  With its proven model of small group faith sharing, parishioners and parish leaders will benefit from this comprehensive formation experience whether or not they have previously participated in ARISE Together in Christ.

Bishop Fabbro invites you to contact your parish or Connie Pare, Director of Pastoral Planning at cpare@dol.ca for further information.

Bishop Fabbro's "Why Catholic" video message

Bishop Fabbro's Evangelization video message